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Meet The Board

Irena Subotic

David Cohen

David Cohen has dedicated his adult life to philanthropic causes. He received 2 Emmy nominations for work donated to statewide public service campaigns telling teenagers to wear seatbelts, and participated in creating content for Bill Daniels Young American Bank for Kids. Mr. Cohen has been on the board of Creede Repertory Theatre, and formed Check it Out, a program that provides text books for college students. His video showing behind the scenes at Sea Turtle Inc. generated $50,000 in DVD sales for the organization. His most recent endeavor has been to film documentary elements of a series of stage-plays that give voice to the people subjected to the cartel violence inflicted on Mexicans living just over the US border. Cohen is also a regular contributor to the Headwaters of the Rio Grande Land Trust.

Postpone Nothing was inspired from his friendship and association with Nancy Butler. She demonstrated through action how one person can make a difference. Through retelling of Nancy’s life and philosophy to friends and associates David witnessed first hand how powerful this message was and decided to Postpone Nothing and spread the word. Nancy’s story and the story of others can help us to think differently, move us to places we have never gone to live our best lives starting today.



Irena Subotic

Caitlin Quisenberry

Caitlin is a singer/songwriter pursuing her artistry in Nashville, TN. A project she is most proud of is the song she wrote and recorded titled, “Last Day on Earth” for Nancy’s Foundation. The lyrics and melody are inspired from Nancy’s words directly from her own eulogy she penned. Writing this song and being so close to Nancy’s message has changed the trajectory of Caitlin’s life in the way that she now lives every day as if it were her “last day on earth”.

A fourth generation Colorado native, Caitlin was born and raised in Denver and launched her country music career there. Recently, she was nominated “New Artist of the Year” by Rocky Mountain Country Music Awards, which has been the pinnacle of her career thus far. Caitlin moved to Nashville when CMT took notice and began showcasing her music. Spotify followed suite as she was placed on seven editorial playlists. After her move, she was named “Nashville’s Newest Darling” by Hype Magazine and has since received placements in American Songwriter, Country Note, Westword, and ThinkTankNashville.

No stranger to the stage, Caitlin first started singing at age three. When she was 14, she recorded an EP with multi-GRAMMY-winning producer Robert Cutarella and the following year found herself on American Idol, where she earned a Golden Ticket and was pushed through to Hollywood.

While in college, Caitlin took her talents to the next level, studying in Switzerland with renowned opera singer Karine Mkrtchyan. Caitlin graduated magna cum laude from Pepperdine University with a degree in Philosophy, a vocal performance emphasis, and a certificate in Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution from Pepperdine’s law school.

Now, Caitlin has teamed up with producers Ben Simonetti (#1 with Zac Brown Band), GRAMMY-nominated producer Sal Oliveri (#1 with P!nk and Chris Stapleton) and Jason Wyatt (Top-40 artist) to create music that speaks to everyday life and interpersonal relationships that are easily relatable. Being on the board of Nancy’s Foundation has allowed Caitlin to integrate her artistry, education, and experience into an incredible non-profit foundation that not only leaves a legacy for Nancy, but inspires others to live Nancy’s vision – live each day as if it were your “last day on earth”.


Laura B. Embleton

Laura Embleton is the Government Relations Director of Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals, Associated Skin Care Professionals, Associated Hair Professionals and Associated Nail Professionals and has been in this position for 6 years. She advocates for massage therapists, estheticians and cosmetologists in all states and assists in drafting legislation and regulation to the benefit of members across the country. Ms. Embleton has a law degree from the University of Denver and enjoys advocating for our members and professions.

Irena Subotic

Irena Subotic

My name is Irena Subotic. I’m honored to be on the board for this wonderful organization inspired by my aunt, Nancy Butler. I currently reside just outside of Denver, Colorado with my husband, baby boy, and our two pups. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with family, gardening, traveling, golfing, and enjoying all that Colorado has to offer!

When I think of my Aunt, I think of how adventurous, giving, and fun she was. I hope this organization can inspire others to try new things, be more generous, and enjoy life to its fullest.

Adriana Cohen

Adriana Cohen

Hi, my name is Adrianna and I am a Colorado native. I am a figure skater, a snowboarder, and a health nut. I like spending time outdoors and pursuing new ways to push past my comfort zone. I am a big believer in not postponing anything. I find that life is too short to wait to do the things you love with the people you care most about. I think about the words “postpone nothing” every day, especially when making decisions. I want to help people push past their comfort zone and to become the best versions of themselves. I am thrilled to be a part of this organization!

Nancy Butler

Emily Embleton

Emily Embleton is an artist, student, and activist from Denver, Colorado, studying Politics, Policy, Law, and Ethics with a minor in Environmental Science at Willamette University.  Emily embracing the philosophy in Postpone Nothing, at just fifteen, traveled to Ecuador for 10 days on an academic service trip where ten students worked in a northwestern part of the Amazon rainforest building a water filter and women’s shelter for a remote village. This life changing experience was a catalyst for Emily’s love of travel and dedication to community service and sustainability. Emily left Colorado  at eighteen and has been postponing nothing ever since. Each of these opportunities taught Emily life lessons about the power of self-sustainability, tenacity, and wanderlust; plus the many joys of living a full life.

• A 2 month backpacking trip through Europe, traveling through 8 different countries.

• Solo-road-tripping the highway 1 from boarder to boarder over the course of 2 months, camping nearly each night.

• Relocating to a rural coastal town, knowing only one person in the town before moving.

• Rappelling and swimming (in full gear) through two of Zion’s infamous slot canyons.

Emily’s postpone-nothing spirit began in  the San Luis Valley of Colorado, where her Aunt Nancy called home and fostered a sustainable community working for The Rio Grande Headwaters and Land Trust. Nancy, her work, and her community greatly influenced Emily’s personal, educational, and professional path. Nancy lived a life void of guilt or regret, extending care, compassion, and gratitude towards everyone and everything she met. To know and love her was an undeniable gift to all who had the privilege; to witness firsthand the impact she had on her community, on the land, the water, was an incomparable honor. Her ability to reach an understanding, compromise across cultural and political lines in order to better the greater community and land is a skill that is becoming increasingly rare in our current social climate.   We will not forget the importance of community, of sustainability, of compromise, and we can turn to the legacy of Nancy Butler for guidance in doing so.

Nancy Butler managed to live a life of impact, wonder, pleasure, and community.  Emily calls upon her tenacious spirit and wise words of encouragement in times of doubt or anxiety. Nancy taught Emily that there is no use in waiting for the “right time”; do not postpone experiencing the joys and wonders of the world, no matter the scale. They are out there calling to you now.


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