Gudrun, was Nancy’s physician assistant and friend.  “Nancy was very special to me. My husband, a family physician who practiced at the time in South Fork and I as his assistant were there on the day she came to the clinic, and we diagnosed her very aggressive breast cancer and immediately got in touch with Dr. Dev Paul the oncologist who fought that tremendous battle with her. We also had the sad, but enormous privilege to be with her and her family on the day she decided to end that battle . Now I can’t say I truly remember what all I said at the memorial, I mostly speak from the heart, but I would certainly be willing to have a conversation with you and see how I can help?”

My recollection of what Gudrun said is as follows: “Normally people would stand here and say,  ‘Joe lost his battle against cancer.’  I am here to tell you, ‘Nancy won her battle against cancer.’  She lived with cancer, but cancer never defined her.” Her spirit and her energy will live with us forever.  Nancy never intended to inspire people, but the way she lived inspired them anyway.”

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