My friends that died in 2019,
cause me to shudder my mortality.

As they accepted their path,
what world were they leaving?

Did they imagine into the future,
after they have completed the final turn?

Did they worry?

The economy was fine,
the digital expansion would continue.

The country had survived Trump so far,
Trump had survived the media and the Democrats.

Friends might keep to the same path,
partners made peace with “What’s Next?”

2020 arrives with hopefulness.

Corona, Defund, Black Lives Matter,
a world teetering in nervous suspense.

Epic depression, lives lost, statues crashing down,
fires lit to the cheers of people we never really knew.

Did my friends have a premonition?
Was their naivety a blessing from beyond?

I wish I could see after I’m gone.

Will I miss that transformative something?
Molecular transport or breaking the speed of light?

Will Artificial Intelligence replicate a human’s mind?
Engage with people whose body has outlived its usefulness.

Will Mother Nature swat the human race like a fly?
a cosmic event that destroys us quickly like the dinosaur?

Maybe an ancient guru will return?

The “I” that writes these words will never know.
Best-of-times or the end of man’s violent expression?

Will I ever be touched again,
or help my brothers and sisters grow?

My energy may do some good in the universe,
but will it be the “Me” that ponders the above?

This is my greatest Question.

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