Rich Roll interviews many inspirational people and Neil is the latest on his podcast. This conversation is about being happy and ways to achieve living in a state of happiness. It made sense to include this conversation in today’s newsletter because May is Mental health awareness month. Below is a bit more about Neil Pasricha and his new book.  The conversation specifically about happiness begins around 1.23. Hope you get something out of this resource.

Amazon summary:
Neil Pasricha is a Harvard MBA, a New York Times–bestselling author, a Walmart executive, a father, a husband. After selling more than a million copies of the Book of Awesome series, in his new book The Happiness Equation, Pasricha illustrates how to want nothing and do anything in order to have everything. If that sounds like a contradiction in terms, you simply have yet to unlock the 9 Secrets to Happiness. Each secret takes a piece out of the core of common sense, turns it on its head to present it in a completely new light, and then provides practical and specific guidelines for how to apply this new outlook to lead a fulfilling life.

The Happiness Equation is a book that will change how you think about pretty much everything—your time, your career, your relationships, your family, and, ultimately, of course, your happiness.


A 6 Star Luxury Vacation: The Experience of a Lifetime

With Regent Seven Seas Cruises, luxury surrounds you from the moment you book your trip.   Your fare encompasses everything you could wish for –Luxurious Accommodations: Your suite with Regent Seven Seas Cruises is your perfect home base, where 99% offer ocean...

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Why Use a Travel Advisor?

1. NO ADDED COSTS: Just turn it over to an expert! 2. PERKS: Their relationships with hotels and restaurants get you perks, upgrades, VIP room placement, shipboard credit, hotel credit, access to tickets for special attractions… just sayin. 3. CONCIERGE SERVICE:...

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A Postpone Nothing Moment CG-Utah

Habits are the hardest thing to change. I had been trying to change a little, nervous habit I had since I was young. I kept saying "I've got to stop that" in my head but the thought never turned into action.  I decided that my one New Year's Resolution this year...


River Cleanups Are All the Rage!

I think we can all agree upon the stark reality that our oceans are now painfully bearing the brunt of pollution streaming from rivers worldwide. We now hold an important key to solving the problem, and we must address the ongoing problem of river pollution....

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A Postpone Nothing Moment -Pam K. LA

During the pandemic I was invested in, and was working remotely, with a start-up. The business was struggling without an operations director so I decided to do that job and move up to Northern CA for a year to get the business up and running. Pam K. LA

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10 Ways to Practice Self Love

1.Positive self-talk: Replace negative thoughts with positive affirmations about yourself. 2.Self-care rituals: Dedicate time to activities that nourish your body, mind, and soul, such as meditation, baths, or hobbies. 3. Set boundaries: Learn to say no to things...

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