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Gudrun, was Nancy’s physician assistant and friend.  “Nancy was very special to me. My husband, a family physician who practiced at the time in South Fork and I as his assistant were there on the day she came to the clinic, and we diagnosed her very aggressive...

Dad taught me to BE NICE

  Dad’s idea for a family vacation was to take everyone to Canada Fishing for Northern Pike, and catch a few Walleye.  The entire family came.  Even Mom with her 25 lb. makeup case.  It took more than one car to drop us off at the airport.  We would pile in...

I Wonder (a poem)

My friends that died in 2019, cause me to shudder my mortality. As they accepted their path, what world were they leaving? Did they imagine into the future, after they have completed the final turn? Did they worry? The economy was fine, the digital expansion would...

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