1. NO ADDED COSTS: Just turn it over to an expert!

2. PERKS: Their relationships with hotels and restaurants get you perks, upgrades, VIP room placement, shipboard credit, hotel credit, access to tickets for special attractions… just sayin.

3. CONCIERGE SERVICE: You have someone to call when you miss a flight or want to change your itinerary.  Just one call, while you go have lunch.

4. EXPERIENCE: Most travel advisors are people who love to travel. They know the ropes and can keep you from making a wrong turn.

5. INSIDER KNOWLEDGE: Being a licensed travel professional they have extensive resources to access for up to date information, the best rates, how best to travel between destinations, what to watch out for, the best time of year to visit and more.

6. PEACE OF MIND: If something comes off the rails, they are there to help you get it sorted out, get medical help, change your flights so you can head home sooner if need be. Working through a travel advisor you are sure to get a much better experience and fewer surprises.


Let us inspire you
to TAKE ACTION so You can
” Live Your Best life!”

Meet Montecito Village Travel. Their advisors live and work throughout the country, and are ready to help you plan
your dream vacation!

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