Dear Reader,

We thought since sometimes couple do get together during the holidays it might be good to help our reads understand how they love. So if you meet the distant relative of your best friend at the Christmas party or you decide to get out there online so you are not alone. Whatever the truth is for you, it always helpful to be able to know yourself a bit better, maybe give some insight into who you choose as a partner. And maybe,  might even help to avoid a bad situation all together. This video is entertaining and informative.

Topics discussed include:
– How to have secure and healthy relationships (including your relationship with yourself)
– What “attachment style” means and the 4 types
– How your subconscious mind drives a lot of what you do
– What love is supposed to look like
– How your attachment style impacts your personal goal-setting
– The biggest limiting beliefs from childhood (which one is yours?)
– What you do that creates pathways in your brain
– How to figure out your attachment style
– How to make your attachment style “secure”
– The difference between “core wounds” and “core needs”
– The 2 things you did in childhood that made you a people-pleaser
– How to feel less anxious and overwhelmed in relationships
– How your fear of abandonment shows up in your relationships
– The one question to ask yourself before you argue with your partner
– What your new love interest needs if they have a hard time trusting
– How to reprogram your subconscious mind for healthier relationships

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