I made a change last year.
For some years health issues prevented my husband and me from taking our regular foreign travels, which had often been our happiest times together.  Covid hit and cemented our predictable homebody status in a way that was confining.  I have no idea exactly why or when, at some point last year, I got the glimmer of an idea of expanding my concept of travel from the big trips to closer ones.  Once I changed my mindset, a host of things started coming my way to make for a reinvigorating trip up the California coast.  I recalled that a friend had rented a home she had enjoyed at my destination, and by some chance the place had a rental cancellation that worked perfectly with our limited availability.  The exact location turned out to be a particular place special in my life experience and also especially beautiful. We knew not whom we would share the home with, but we found wonderful companions.  It was a turn around vacation.
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